Googly Eye Coin Purse

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Teeny tiny purse for teeny tiny things

Genuine leather Made in Scotland Width 9cm x 6.5cm height

About Ark Color Design:

All our products are made by hand in the UK. Sustainability is important to us. Making exactly what we need in Britain reduces waste, gets our products to you quickly and helps our planet. We source our components from as close to home as we can, with the majority made in the UK or Europe. Our leather is sourced from the UK and Ireland and is only ever a by-product from the meat and dairy industry - it's a material which would otherwise go to landfill and is biodegradable. We have been a plastic-free company since 2019. We are a family-focused company and work a four-day week, giving our amazing staff more time to see family and friends with no reduction on pay. So on a Monday you'll likely find us walking the dog (or the toddler), or watering the plants.