Rosetta Persian Studio Edition

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2021 Rosetta Persian Studio Edition


For Chihuly is no formalist; he needs to imply movement and growth. His technical innovations and refinements serve only to provide more options—relating to what he can make glass do and what associations he can suggest to natural phenomenon.

—Linda Norden, Dale Chihuly: Glass, 1982


Dale Chihuly’s Persian series, which began as an exploration of new forms, serves as a contemporary expression of timeless beauty and a demonstration of wild asymmetry that borders on defiance. Whether presented on pedestals or in large wall or ceiling installations, Persians elicit wonder in their beholders and notions of exotic ancient civilizations.


Opening in waves of voluptuous rose red, the 2021 Rosetta Persian Studio Edition reveals the molten glass’s responsiveness to gravitational pull and gestural manipulation in the blowing process. A thin red body wrap spiraling around the fan-shaped element adds to the dimensional agility of the composition, while the smaller interior element invites introspection. An earthy green lip wrap grounds and defines the tensile scalloped edges of the sculpture.


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Edition of 175

Approx dimensions 7-1/2 H x 10 W x 9-1/2” D

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Accompanied by a copy of Chihuly: On Fire.

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Previous Chihuly Studio Editions are available for purchase through the Kemper Museum Shop, contact Abbey Sandberg at for more information.