Kansas City Script Mug Gold

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Designed by Carly Rae Studio in Kansas City

This mug is perfect for showing your love for Kansas City. This 15oz glass mug is dishwasher safe, not microwaveable. Image is on one side of the mug. Printed in KS.

About the Artist:

"My favorite part of painting is the process; focusing on a piece for an hour or two and forgetting about everything else around me (sometimes to a fault) and being fully present in that creative space. My name is Carly and I'm the artist and small business owner behind Carly Rae Creative + Carly Rae Studio. I graduated with a degree in Art Education, then started selling my watercolor prints online and at craft fairs, which soon after became my full-time job. And by soon after, I mean I opened that Etsy shop back in 2013, and even though my first sale was to my grandma, I was off and running... My artwork is detailed and whimsical, often made up of tiny flowers. I am inspired by color, patterns, Kansas City, sports, and nature: flowers, the ocean, the forest, the sky, animals, sunshine, palm trees and seashells. Each floral painting starts with a pencil outline of a shape and is slowly filled in with tiny watercolor flowers."