Modern ball threaders

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Made by Hand in Davidson, NC, by Bonnie Boardman

These super cool, sexy earrings are very flattering on the wearer. They feature 2 6mm 14kt gold filled beads and one 3mm bead that sit at the bottom of the threader. The threader is hand forged from 14kt gold filled wire and left smooth for a modern, sleek look. The front of the threader is 2 1/2” long.

About the Artist:

Bonnie Boardman began her career in the fashion industry as a textile designer in New York City. All it took was one jewelry metal-working class that she took on a whim, and she was hooked! This side hobby soon turned into her full-time passion and career as a mostly self taught jewelry designer. When she made her move to NC and could have a large working studio, things really took off. Bonnie hand makes every piece and works primarily with 14kt gold fill and sterling silver. She also uses stones and gems acquired from around the world. Bonnie loves to add texture to her pieces and you will see a variety of different hammering techniques in her work. Quality materials and excellent workmanship are what sets her apart. Bonnie's designs are simple, delicate with a big impact, and a twist on the classics. Her start in fashion and love of fashion magazines ensures she is always on-trend yet timeless. "I see see the world in lines, shapes and color which I translate to my jewelry. Before I start on any new piece, I visualize how it will look on the wearer. I want my jewelry to be for every day, every occasion and mostly to flatter every woman".