Domino Necklace

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This long geometric statement necklace is bold and confident. Designed for versatility, this piece can be worn long or looped for a shorter layered effect. Each necklace is made up of an accumulation of solid buttons cast in resin so as to be light and durable and features a simple pop clasp.

Materials All metals are brass finished with plating (see below) *Buttons are cast resin (Nickel Free) *GB & SB Colourways hang on a Rubber cord (Nickel Free) *BW colourway uses a Flexible elastic cord (Nickel Free) Finishing 12K Gold, Rhodium Dimensions Approximately 35" long *Slight variations may occur Square resin buttons are 1/2" x 1/2" and 1/8" thick Large orb bead is 7/8" dia. Small orb bead is 1/2" dia.