Akashiya-sai Watercolor Brush Pen Set of 5

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Akashiya Sai brush pens are easy to paint with and use genuine brush hair. The colors they use are those you see in traditional Japanese art. Each pen is carefully handmade by a craftsperson. The inks are easy to work with, apply smoothly, and look beautiful on paper. The brushes are responsive to touch: you can paint with them as boldly or delicately as needed. Try dampening the paper before you start to achieve a lovely, soft, nebulous look to your painting. 

-Water-based ink

-flexible brush nib

-Various line width with pressure

Five colors per pack:

Summer: Brown, Navy Blue, Yellow Green, Indigo, Cerulean Blue

Autumn: Burnt Umber, Purple, Ultramarine, Yellow, Vermillion

Spring: Pink, Madder, Pale Orange, Yellow Ochre, Green Blue