Blue Steel Olive Oil Bar Soap

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Handmade in Tipton, Missouri by Heartland Fragrance

Everybody loves a great-smelling man. Cool, crisp, and earthy, this two-tone bar helps make it happen, the natural way. Masculine, woody vetiver meets lemon and a touch of sandalwood to make this bar a confident brace for the day, no matter what awaits. Made with sustainable organic palm oil.


About Heartland Fragrance:

Heartland Fragrance is a woman-owned & operated maker of natural bath & body products with a colorful feel and a quality-centered approach. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, we love creating products that add a little extra fun, color, and luxury to everyday life. In our Tipton, Missouri facility, we combine traditional methods with bright colors & incredible scents for beautiful products that are extra gentle but fresh and modern.