Blue Swirl Marble Ring

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Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri by Kathryn Swagerty


Handmade sterling silver ring with a tall bezel enclosing a modern marble with green swirls. Size: 8.5

About the artist:


Kathryn Swagerty has been involved with art for almost her entire life. Inspired by many fine artists, dancers, and art educators in her family, she pursued dance from an early age, and has maintained an interest and explored many forms of art throughout her life. She has received numerous degrees in both fine art and science. She has always been fascinated by the intersections between art and science, and between the energy of movement and personal expression. She lives in Kansas City.



About the collection:


This collection honors and draws from a lifetime love of movement, color, family, and fun. The handcrafted sterling silver pieces in the collection include antique marbles that have been in the artist’s family for nearly a century, across many generations, and symbolize childhood, memory, love, and hope. 


These pieces are meant to connect kindred spirits who have endured the recent pandemic with a whimsical spirit, who have clung to hope, desire, and love for beauty, connection, and playfulness.