Botanical Silver Bracelet

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Handmade by Sonia Ollero in a small artisan workshop located in a village near the coast of Alicante in Spain.

Beautiful bracelet of natural inspiration, a very elegant bangle that you can match with any outfit.
This bracelet from the Araucaria collection is a versatile piece that you can wear from morning to night. A solid piece made of silver, with a patinated finish that brings out the organic texture of the bracelet.

  • Size: 17 cms. Adjustable bracelet.

 This Botanical Silver Bracelet belongs to the Araucaria collection, inspired by the beautiful leaf of this conifer. These majestic trees, give us their stylized leaves, which made in silver, become earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Delicate, organic pieces with a lot of personality, which will undoubtedly attract attention for the uniqueness and modernity of these pieces of jewelry. The collection is presented in two finishes, oxidized silver, with dark patina, and antique silver, in which a patina is applied, subsequently polishing the exposed parts leaving a beautiful contrast.

    The Cellula collection is inspired by the basic idea and shape we keep of the cell, a unit with a central nucleus. Every living being is made up of cells, and each one of them is a marvel that nourishes itself and generates energy. We cannot see them and yet they are present in everything, with their beautiful forms adaptable to different living beings. The cell is the basis of our complex existence.

    About the Artist:


    The word alchemy comes from the Arabic "al-kímiya", hence the name of my personal brand, KimyaJoyas. Of all its meanings, I'm keeping the word Transmutation, as a synonym of change. That, mutate, is basically what jewelry is for me, transforming the raw material into small objects full of intention.


    KimyaJoyas is a small artisan workshop located in a village near the coast of Alicante. The sea and the Mediterranean landscape is part of my inspiration and source of ideas. I am moved by architecture and all kinds of art, also the female body. And last but not least, motherhood revealed to me, at the time, a whole new range of emotions that I definitely saw reflected in my work.


    I make my own designs using traditional jewelry techniques, focusing on beauty and quality. I love handmade pieces of all disciplines, where you feel the human touch, the texture, its unique being, we could say the soul imprinted on them.


    Since I was a child, I have been moved by curiosity, by knowing and imagining how things were made, where they came from, how they were built. As a young girl, I explored different fields, ceramics, iron, silk painting, and finally I arrived, almost by chance, to jewelry, where I discovered an endless field of learning. Within jewelry I declare myself more as a builder, I like to handle the metal and adapt the idea around it. Gems and all their infinite variety are totally inspiring. I am passionate about buying them, selecting them, and knowing every day a little more of their vast world.


    This project was born approximately in 2017, although it has always been there, as I have been making jewelry for at least 15 years. Giving it a name, and with it a structure, helped me to know where to go. This project contains years of study, many hours of work and passion for this interesting world of jewelry.