Comet Necklace- Onyx

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Handmade in Vancouver BC by Hailey Gerrits

This lariat-style necklace is constructed from layers of recycled, vintage brass chains with a 14K gold-plated brass gemstone bar pendant at the center. black Onyx.

Length: 17” with a 3” extender chain

Hailey Gerrits Designs has come to encapsulate an understated glamour and sophistication in its eight year tenure. Gerrits offers a decidedly unique product: not only is each piece handmade, but construction with unique gems and aged metals imbues each piece with an image of the past and all of its romance—fully embodying the notion of ‘one of a kind’. Each piece fuses the earthly character of the metals and gems with a historical materialist transcendence and refined artistic ability. Gerrits captures a timeless whimsicality in her pieces, pairing the bold shapes and raw character of Giacometti’s sculptures with Brancusian aesthetic sensibilities and materials. Her pieces are functional and build up a personality in everyday wear, but are also distinct in their capacity as objets d’art—serving equally as items to be admired.

Her work calls back to the golden ages of sculpture and the visual influence of primitivism, but is never dated—making evident her ability to combine brand new inspirations with the ideas she holds dear. Her collections are handmade in small batches in her studio in Vancouver, BC, and all materials are ethically sourced. This culminates in the creation of collections which respect the people and planet alike; a celebration of beauty that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability or style.