Crayons Tell the Truth Tote Bag

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In collaboration with FEED, the HALO “Crayons Tell the Truth” bag changes lives. Proceeds help feed homeless and at-risk children in Kansas City and around the world.


About HALO:

In 2005, a small class of young kids came to a stark, simple realization: “If there are homeless kids who need our help, we should do whatever we can to help them.” It’s hard to argue with that logic. This simple view of the world – and their place in it – made it possible for them to face the reality of child homelessness fearlessly. Their first fundraiser brought in $5,000. Their second raised $40,000. They either didn’t know, or didn’t care, that kids aren’t supposed to be able to do that.

When you take on something as ambitious as ending child homelessness, your mission should be crystal clear, and your approach better be fearless.

Having seen the efforts and effect a handful of kids could have first hand, HALO’s founders saw an opportunity to create an organization that would believe in its mission, and its ability to fulfill that mission, fearlessly.

Now, HALO gives homeless kids a home in which hope emerges from hardship, poverty gives way to potential, and where drawings of the past unlock dreams of the future.

We work wherever kids who have been abused, abandoned, and orphaned, need the kind of love and support other kids get from living with their family.

We work so that one more child will spend one less day alone.


About FEED:

FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand with an enduring principle at the heart of what we do—that people’s choices of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world. We offer meaningful ways for you to make a difference, from the bags you carry, to the places you gather, to the meals you share.

Hunger is a daily reality for approximately 795 million people, and one of the most effective solution to combat this crisis is school feeding. With every product we sell, we provide school meals to the most vulnerable communities across the globe, through on-the-ground partners.

Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED in 2007 after seeing the reality of childhood hunger firsthand while traveling with the World Food Programme. She created the first FEED Bag as a tangible way for her peers to get involved. To this day, every product we make has a number on it, representing the school meals donated with its purchase.