Dean Mitchell: Of Southern Passions, Paintings, and Poems

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Of Southern Passions, Paintings, and Poems is a book about the art of Dean Mitchell, his paintings' timeless messages, and the impact Dean's art has had on one person, Dennis Smith, and his poetry. This incredible collection of images includes watercolors, acrylics, and oils and covers subject matter ranging from southern scenes to urban sites to magnificent portraits of black people, all from Dean Mitchell, who has been described by one art critic as a "modern-day Vermeer." Mitchell's work inspired the accompanying poetry penned by Smith. This magical combination creates a uniquely beautiful book that provides not just the striking images of the artist and the poignant verses of the poet, but also offers personal insights into their minds, inner souls, and creativity. This stunning effort elevates the bar for all art books of the future and sets new standards for quality and creativity in this genre. Whether one analyzes this book from the perspective of the artist's and poet's southern roots, society's urban reality, or everyone's innate human condition, Dean Mitchell and Dennis Smith establish new boundaries for future artists and writers to explore.