Debbie Barrett-Jones Handwoven Scarf- Khaki, Cream, Coral

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Handwoven in Kansas City, Missouri by Debbie Barrett-Jones

Are you looking for something completely unique and beautiful? This handwoven scarf is exactly what you need. Many hours and thought went into creating this one of a kind piece.

The warp threads are stripes of five different shades of reds and oranges in tencel yarn. The weft threads are woven half in bright green and half in red bamboo yarn, using a twill weave pattern. This yarn combination is super soft and cozy! You are going to love it!

This scarf will brighten any day and look gorgeous with any outfit. I believe it is the perfect accessory for any season.

A lot of work and thought has gone into this hand-woven scarf to ensure a product that is completely unique, beautiful and comfortable. Enjoy!!

Washing Instructions: Debbie suggests hand washing and laying flat to dry, iron afterward.

Size: 8" wide x 70" long

Medium: Hand-dyed, hand-woven

Materials: tencel