Debbie Barrett-Jones Handwoven Scarf- Snow Covered Infinity

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Handwoven in Kansas City, Missouri by Debbie Barrett-Jones

Are you looking for something completely unique and beautiful? This handwoven scarf is exactly what you need. Many hours and thought went into creating this one of a kind piece.

"Snow Covered with White Handwoven Infinity Scarf" is made with white merino wool stripes next to white with tencel yarn. Then I wove it with white tencel interrupted by bands of natural white merino wool for more than 100". You can wrap around your neck twice. Enjoy this super cozy and beautiful scarf this new season.

A lot of work and thought has gone into this hand-woven scarf to ensure a product that is completely unique, beautiful and comfortable. Enjoy!!

Washing Instructions: I suggest hand wash and laid flat to dry, iron afterward.

Title: Snow Covered with White Tencel Infinity Scarf
Medium: Handwoven
Size: 6 1/2" wide x 68" long
Materials: tencel and merino wool

About the artist: 

Textiles artist, Debbie Barrett-Jones left her small town in Iowa so she could pursue an education at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) and since graduation, has exhibited her work throughout the United States, including the Kansas City area locations, such as; Children’s Mercy Hospital in North Kansas City, Truman Medical Center, Community Christian Church, Lead Bank in the Crossroads of Kansas City and The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.  And in late 2016, she collaborated with the Kansas City Ballet for an art installation and performance called Unspoken. Careful consideration goes into color, composition, and material in each of her weavings. Her work reveals the beautiful communication that is the result of one color thread intersecting another. Her panels are comprised of vibrating colors and elegant patterns which create a narrative in flux according to the viewer’s proximity to each piece. Along with weaving large-scale pieces for public and private spaces, she also creates intimate accessories such as scarves, shawls, and necklaces.  Sitting at her loom and weaving has become Debbie’s safe place, her sanctuary. Thread by thread, beat by beat of the weaving loom while creating a piece of fabric, provides a meditative experience, which allows her to step away from everyday worries and fears. In the same way, she hopes her artwork inspires peace, hope and contemplation, serving as a beautiful distraction during our busy and chaotic lives. In late 2017 Woven Repeat was launched, which is a new line of home decor, wallpaper, fabric and upholstery, Accessories, Activewear and more using original woven designs by Debbie Barrett-Jones.