Vertigo Necklace- Rainbow Tourmaline

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Handmade in Brooklyn by Meghan Patrice Riley

"One of most classic designs, this necklace comes in so many finishes and gemstones. This is my go-to everyday piece for t-shirts on the weekends to dress-up work events on weekdays. I love layering it with the Long Vertigo Necklace for a super luxe drama look."

Flexible, light woven stainless steel mini cable finished with nylon for a smooth feel. Each piece is hand finished with little accents of sterling silver and/or 14k gold-fill as well as a choice of semi-precious stones.


CLASP: 14k gold fill or sterling silver bezel-set neodymium rare earth magnet


  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Travel-Friendly with metal memory (the pieces are collapsible and can return to shape after a crushing)

    About the artist: Meghan Patrice Riley

    Each piece is crafted by hand in her Brooklyn studio mixing traditional metals with textile techniques. MPR experiments with classic, quotidian materials like industrial ball chain, electrical wire, safety pins to reinterpret them and combine them with fine metals and semi-precious stones to create industrial jewelry that is still retains a femininity and fineness. The resulting collections are about creating a new everyday uniform and appreciating those moments to play dress up.