Flip Vase- Museum

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A tabletop vase for both flowers and art. Pick a vase to suit your mood and the flowers.


- Choose among 7 different drawings for tiny flowers of your choice.
- A great interior deco item even without the flower.
- Fill a plastic vessel with water for fresh flowers.
- A flower is not included.
- Material: Paper, Vinyl Vessel
- Size (package): 5.04 x 9.25 x 1.18 in 

Like the colors of various flowers, there is a myriad of varieties in our emotions. On a lonely day, the branches will be in it . On a day full with fortune, four leaf clovers will be in it. Flip vase is a vase of paper in which you can put and show your emotions that are changing everyday, with seven vases that can be dressed in flowers matching the mood of the day. Now put your mood into Flip vase.