Hyacinth Basket Studio Edition

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Hyacinth Basket Studio Edition

“With this series [Baskets], Chihuly liberated his glassblowing process from the restrictions of symmetry, allowing the glass to respond naturally to gravity.”   - Vera White, writer

Dale Chihuly has long appreciated the artistry of textiles created by indigenous peoples, particularly the slumped form of woven fiber basketry affected by time and exposure to natural elements. To create characteristics in glass similar to these time-worn baskets, Chihuly relies on the organic energies of heat and gravity alone. He utilizes this fundamental approach – a dialogue with “process” rather than final form – throughout much of his work.

Hyacinth Basket, a 2020 Studio Edition, exemplifies the delicate form and fluidity found in Chihuly’s Basket series. The Basket is composed of two pieces, its opaque cobalt blue interior element finding its resting place within a larger form that transitions from deep cobalt to an ethereal transparency. An indigo lip wrap extends and arcs around the surface of each element, further emphasizing its multidimensional composition.

Edition Size:  200

Release date:  4/1/20

Approximate dimensions:  4” H x 7-1/2” W x 7-1/2” D

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Accompanied by a 10" x 10” acrylic display vitrine and a copy of Chihuly: On Fire.

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