Jamaican Orange Hot Pepper Seed Pack

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PEPPER (Capsicum chinense) (90-100 days)—

10 Seeds per pack

"Gifted to us from a great person, friend, pepper farmer in Jamaica, intellect, seed saver, and supporter of diversity. Nice balance of heat and citrus tones. Requires a long season to get this beauty to mature, but if you can pull it off, you have yourself a delicious treat that will take you to the Caribbean. We love this dish in a Jamaican pumpkin soup recipe that we will share with you if you buy these. We have several plants that we have overwintered for several years, which is a great way to get a jump on the season. When overwintered, the leaves shed in the fall, but grow back large in the late winter.-Buffalo Seed Company

The Buffalo Seed Company supplies growers in the Midwest with locally adapting horticulture and crop seeds to increase the resiliency and sustainability of our local food systems. The Company was launched by Matthew & Nancy Kost in October, 2018. Nancy is from the Altiplano of Bolivia and grew up growing quinoa, potato, and llamas in a resilient and sustainable system that predates the Inca Empire. She has since acquired a bachelor degree in agronomy from Earth University in Costa Rica, a Master of Science Degree in tomato breeding from The Ohio State University. Matthew is originally from Kansas City and has returned after obtaining a Bachelor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas, a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Agroecology from The Ohio State University, and Postdoctoral degree in conserving amaranth and quinoa landraces in Peru. Matthew and Nancy have extensive farming experience throughout the Americas and have deep knowledge and wisdom of seeds, seed systems, evolution, ecology, and adaptation.