Marbled Pearl Insert Earrings

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Made by Hand in Kansas City, Missouri by Paulina Otero

This pair of earrings is actually made with the insert parts of the Swirl Link and Circle. They are a more minimalistic mix n match pair that will still make a statement when you wear them. I think of these as a more everyday kind of earrings that will add that fun touch to your outfit. These are made with plated gold hoops and real pearls.


.125 x 1.5 x .5"

About the Artist:

Paulina Otero is a Mexican Fiber artist who focuses on making wearables and wall hangings that are abstract representations of her experiences in her home country, Mexico. She references home by using colors, forms and textures inspired by architecture, nature and traditional textiles. 

Paulina has a major interest in combining industrial and domestic materials such as yarn, felt, wood, and plexiglass to inspire a desire to touch. By combining all of these elements she expresses her feelings of nostalgia towards a particular time and place during her childhood. 

Paulina has exhibited her work in places like the St. Louis Art Guild, The Yeiser Art Center and The Appalachian Center of Craft . She has also developed a jewelry brand that has been sold in local venues such as The Kemper Museum, Dear Society and Dear Collective. Paulina Otero is currently based out of Kansas City Missouri and Cancun, Mexico.