Melvin+Simon Collage Memory Game

Melvin+Simon Collage Memory Game

Playing the classic memory game with these cards is a great way to explore the art of collage!

Melvin (cat) and Simon (dog) are up to some antics in 24 different collage scenes, including scuba diving, building a fort, and playing jazz!

Vendor: Funnybone Toys
Location: Denver, CO
Dimensions: 5.25" X 5.25" X 3.5" (box)

Funnybone Toys games combine both fun and design to stimulate creativity and give players’ brains a workout. As an added bonus, younger players will develop a deep appreciation of color and develop a relationship with the different forms of art that exist in the world, while having so much fun they won’t even realize they are learning.


Total: $18.00
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