Multi Aperture Necklace

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five stones on (8-10mm), 100% natural silk thread

Aperture- an opening through which light passes.

The Aperture Collection necklaces measure 26 inches and are designed to be adjusted to desired length.

Handmade in Norfolk Virginia by Genevieve of Turnstone Jewelry 

About the artist:

Turnstone Jewelry is an extension of the artistic practice of Genevieve Lawrence. Originally trained as a painter, in 2023 I was looking for a new method of creation and a way to connect with my community. I began making jewelry and tiny, wearable sculptures through my family’s tradition of regarding nature and the instinct to collect, display, and transform its remnants (especially stones) into art.

With the occasional help of my daughter, Ione, Turnstone is a one woman operation located in Norfolk, VA.