Re-Pioneer Maize Seed Pack

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MAIZE (Zea Mays ssp. Mays) (80-90 days)—

50 Seeds per pack

"MAIZE (Zea Mays ssp. Mays) (80-90 days)— Re-Pioneer is an extremely diverse maize landrace that we started in Columbus, Ohio by mixing approximately 20 pre-hybrid open pollinated corn varieties from the early 1900’s. The mixed population was grown, no selection was performed, and seed was collected. The collected F1 hybrid seed that was produced was then planted to generate F2 seeds, which is where the magic of evolution starts to show itself. The picture above was harvested from the F2 seeds we planted, hence, the seed we are selling are the F3 generation. We have performed no selection, but are simply having nature shape the evolving population to our local conditions. This is an extremely diverse population that you can evolve to your fields and to you. The population is vigorous and yields well without water. Mostly dent corn varieties so good for corn meal and animal feed. Dr. Rich Pratt and John Wright were essential to the creation of this landrace, thanks." -Buffalo Seed Company

Locally grown, no chemicals, open pollination, no field irrigation, organic, locally adapting

The Buffalo Seed Company supplies growers in the Midwest with locally adapting horticulture and crop seeds to increase the resiliency and sustainability of our local food systems. The Company was launched by Matthew & Nancy Kost in October, 2018. Nancy is from the Altiplano of Bolivia and grew up growing quinoa, potato, and llamas in a resilient and sustainable system that predates the Inca Empire. She has since acquired a bachelor degree in agronomy from Earth University in Costa Rica, a Master of Science Degree in tomato breeding from The Ohio State University. Matthew is originally from Kansas City and has returned after obtaining a Bachelor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas, a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Agroecology from The Ohio State University, and Postdoctoral degree in conserving amaranth and quinoa landraces in Peru. Matthew and Nancy have extensive farming experience throughout the Americas and have deep knowledge and wisdom of seeds, seed systems, evolution, ecology, and adaptation.