Sine Necklace

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Inspired by the undulating shape of a mathematical sine wave, this short necklace is an artful accumulation of disc buttons. Mimicking the pattern of a wave of sound or light, this statement piece is an immediate conversation starter! As well, this piece features a pop-clasp closure for easy on and off and a durable rubber cord. Materials All metals are brass finished with plating (see below) *Buttons are cast resin (Nickel Free) *Rubber cord (Nickel Free) Finishing 12K Gold, Rhodium, Resin Dimensions Approximately 18" long *Slight variations may occur Overall the disc portion measures 9" and 1 1/2" dia. at it's widest point.

PURSUITS | Designer Bio

Vanassa Chan, owner / designer behind Pursuits, draws her artistry inspirations from design, architecture and fashion. She has earned her bachelor degree in interior design at University of Central England in Birmingham (United Kingdom).
Her background in interior architecture is prevalent in her jewelry designs with composition and form that are visually playful and appealing. Her passion and desire to create led to her experimentation with materials and techniques.

Since its launch in 2014, Pursuits has released several micro-collections with the focus on minimalistic designs. Each piece is created in her studio based in Toronto, Canada.

Design & Make

Vanassa has her own observability from her design background which can be traced from her jewelries. From everyday life observations and researches, varies factors come together and turn into her creations. From mock ups to finalizing designs, she holds tight on each single step for sake of producing consumable yet artful pieces.