Three Cards Socks

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Artist: Juan Gris Created: 1913 Dimensions (cm): 65.5 x 46 cm Format: oil on canvas Location: Bern, Rupf Foundation   Although clearly infatuated with game-related objects, he never gambled with his art. Driving his own analytical and engineering approach to cubism, he would develop his own trope on the genre, heavily influenced by his mentor and friend, Pablo Picasso, and contemporaries like Braque, to make his name with his synthetic style and becoming one of the four major figures in Cubism - the "Quatres Cubes". Gris' work is a definite cutaway from the traditional cubist movement, using bright colors, in contrasting or complementing fashion, along with his grid-like and strong geometrical lines.
For men:
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- Medium: M:  US (4½-7½)

For women:
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- Medium:  M: US (6-9½)