White Mini Lamp

Regular price $35.00

Light up the night or revolutionize small spaces with the Mini Wireless Lamp & the ultimate compact lighting solution. Available in five captivating colors, the Lamp boasts a color-changing bulb that can be adjusted with a simple tap, giving a choice of 8 colors. The soft silicone bulb creates a warm ambience that will transform any space into a relaxing environment, perfect for camping, sleep-overs or anytime you need a little light.

Key features:

✔ Wireless

✔ Color changing bulb (8 colors)

✔ Super compact, just 4.3 inches tall

✔ Up to 7 hours battery life from a single charge

✔ Charge lamp with included USB-C cable

✔ Kids-safe soft touch bulb; silicone non-slip base

✔ Perfect for camping, sleep-overs or brightening up small spaces