Stoneware Bell

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Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri, by Katherine Moes.

A new organic and freeform bell has been born. Bigger and with more personality. They now have a wind catcher to help klink the bell. If putting them outside I would recommend hanging them where they will be protected from major winds, excess water, and creatures. 

Measures: 6 inches long with string 24 inches

Listing is for one bell. 


About the artist:

I find life when working with my hands. If I'm not working with clay in the studio I'm getting my hands dirty in the garden, walking in the local cemetery with my family, or reading about mystics and myths. As a ceramicist, my goal is to make objects that help make a house a home — whether that be with tabletop bowls and vases, or decorative bells and wall hangings. All lovingly made in Clay County, Missouri.