Be a Creative Changemaker A Kids' Art Activity Book

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Paula Liz, Bambi Ramsey (Illustrator)

Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Rockport Publishers

Celebrate the lives and work of 25 amazing artists from around the world! Get to know their stories, and then make your own creations inspired by their art.

Although you may not recognize all of their names, the artists featured in Be a Creative Changemaker: A Kids' Art Activity Book transformed history and paved the way for others. Discover their unique stories through colorful illustrations and biographies before getting creative with hands-on art activities based on their artwork. Each activity will guide you to explore different materials, techniques, styles, and more.

Geared for kids ages seven through twelve, though fun for all, here are just a few of the exciting projects you will find:

  • Gu Kaizhi (b. 344, China): Tell a story through scroll painting.
  • Luisa Ignacia Roldán (b. 1652, Spain): Construct a sculpture of a historical figure. 
  • Jamini Roy (b. 1887, present-day India): Paint an animal motif.
  • Emily Kame Kngwarreye (b. 1910, Australia): Use batik to create a design on fabric. 
  • Lygia Clark (b. 1920, Brazil): Make a movable sculpture.
  • Kenojuak Ashevak (b. 1927, Canada): Print a colorful series of creatures.
  • Bodys Isek Kingelez (b. 1948, present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo): Build a cardboard utopian city.

This book will help you see art from new perspectives and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for artists worldwide. Spend hours developing your artistic skills while envisioning and expressing creative ideas inspired by these marvelous makers!


Paula Liz is an artist, activist, educator, and author. She was born in Puerto Rico and attended the Maryland Institute of Art, receiving a BFA in Painting and an MAT in Art Education. She has taught K–12 art in New York; Texas; Washington, DC; and Maryland, where she was named Art Educator of the Year in 2022. Her passion for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the center of her lessons and expand beyond the classroom. Learn more at


"helps children form connections with ... diverse artists."—Booklist

Be a Creative Changemaker is full of unique and inspiring art techniques, each paired with a fascinating art history lesson and beautiful illustrations. The techniques are based on 25 artists from around the world, almost all of whom have been left out of art history for kids. I love how the author highlights the way these artists pushed the boundaries of their time and then offers simple instructions for fairly complicated art techniques. I’m so inspired by the projects in this book that I’m going to do some alongside my kids!—Megan Schiller, founder of The Art Pantry and author of The Art Playroom

Be a Creative Changemaker is such an informative and original book filled with wonderful life stories of so many different artists! It really is an inspiration for the creative spirit to navigate and learn about both famous artists and artists who have traditionally been left out of kids' art history. In fact, I have learned a lot as an adult and look forward to sharing the knowledge with many friends and families.—Stephanie Poon, art historian and author of Modern Art for Kids

Be a Creative Changemaker is a wonderful survey of artists from across the globe paired with thoughtful art activities that cover a wide range of art media designed to honor the artists' work they are inspired by. This book is a must-have resource for classrooms and homes alike, creating a space for all artists to see themselves in the pages of art history. The activities not only honor this diverse body of artists but teach how one can draw inspiration from another artist's work while still creating their own original expressions, aligning it with contemporary art education pedagogy.—Anjali Wells, President of Creative Outlets Arts Center and Visual Arts Coordinator for Montgomery County Public Schools

Be a Creative Changemaker features page after gorgeous page of gorgeous illustrations, biographies, and hands-on projects that introduce readers to twenty-five important artists, including several who history has overlooked. It’s a beautiful testimony to the brilliance and tenacity of artists and the power of art to make the world a better place for everyone.—Liz Heinecke, The Kitchen Pantry Scientist, bestselling author of Kitchen Science Lab for Kid

Be a Creative Changemaker is a groundbreaking book crafted for the youth of today. Within its pages, readers embark on a journey through time, exploring a variety of art movements and mediums. Along the way, they learn inspiring stories of numerous unsung artists and trailblazers. This book seamlessly blends historical insights with engaging hands-on art projects, fostering a global perspective and celebrating the beauty of diversity. By empowering young artists to embrace their passions, celebrate community, and envision a better world through their art, this book serves as a catalyst for transformative change.—Rebecca Picker, Owner of Studio Sprout

Be a Creative Changemaker, written by Paula Liz and illustrated by Bambi Ramsey, is a wonderful new addition to the world of children's art books. This book takes a colorful and unique approach to introducing children to an amazing range of twenty-five accomplished artists from six continents of the world. This book is both comprehensive and inclusive and is bound to open the eyes of both children and adults to the global art world.—Jack Garrity, Director of Pacita Abad Art Estate