Blok Earrings

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Minimal, casual and playful. The circle is presented as the main form of this collection, its eternity and continuity are constantly evoking a sense of sublime boundlessness. Simple solutions always solve it all. Made of high quality cast acrylic 3mm and ø25mm Surgical Stainless Steel hoop (hypoallergenic). Ethically made in our small workshop in Belgrade, mostly of recycled PMMA.

About the Artist:

"¡Hola! I'm Marianne Villalobos-Emonet, a Venezuelan architect who decided to tailor my professional background, sensitivity, vision and skills into a miniature scale. After spending two wonderful years in a Fab Lab in Barcelona, I have idealized an imaginary character, a HER: Pamela Coromoto, the muse, the bridge that connects my passion for art, fashion and design with my technical knowledge, materialized in a jewelry brand, and for 10 years now, my way to do architecture. Pamela Coromoto is a concept, not a product. Each of my collections are open journeys, pursuing to underline the wearer’s individuality, femininity and confidence by making contemporary and thoughtful jewelry ,visionary in technique, style and execution. A small brand with a big message. Embracing sustainable design and positive social impact both as aesthetics and as a way of living, each piece that comes out from my small workshop in Belgrade has been treated as a master-piece, involving new technologies, recycled materials that come from Europe and are responsibly sourced, collaborating with local artisans and providers who share our ethos in order to make the pieces one of a kind."