Bloom Necklace

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This design encapsulates the essence of blooming, spring, and rejuvenation. The new pendant, fashioned in the form of buds, symbolizes growth and renewal. Multiple lengthened wires create an organic pattern, mirroring the beauty of buds blooming. Versatile in style, this necklace can be worn either long or short, embodying the fluidity of nature's renewal.

All metals are brass finished with plating (see below)
Wire is 49-strand flexible bead stringing wire
Orbs are solid acrylic with gold / rhodium plating
*Orbs for the GG, GA & GQ colour ways are Tinted Glass *(Please note: these glass beads are sturdy and are not easily broken). Due to the glass-making process, each bead may have colour variations.

12K Gold, Rhodium, *Black Zinc on brass (*Nickel Free)
Wire is nylon coated

Wire 35.5" long + 2" extensions
Pendants sizes varies around 0.5 x 0.75"
The largest orb beads are 1" dia.