Kansas City: A Place in Time, Second Edition

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    • Print Length: 423 pages
    • Editor: Bradley Wolf, City Historic Preservation Officer
    • Photographers: Brad Finch, Sheila Vemmer, Bradley Wolf
    • Publisher: Chandler Lake Books; 2 edition (June 14, 2017)
    • Publication Date: June 14, 2017

    This guidebook, the second edition, is an extensive amalgam of the architecture and history of Kansas City, Missouri. It is intended not merely to describe isolated structures of historic importance in Kansas City, but also to chronicle the flow of time and people by what they left behind. The book includes overviews of six Kansas City areas and then offers detailed photographs and descriptions of key residential and commercial structures found within each. The six areas include: Northland, Downtown-Westside-Northeast, Crossroads-Midtown-Westport, Country Club-Brookside-Waldo, East Side-Swope, and Martin City-Hickman Mills-Little Blue Valley. The book also includes detailed street maps showing the locations of each profiled structure. So the book is a handy, compact guide to keep in the glove box or carry on an architectural tour. To read its pages is to replay Kansas City's rich, deep history, block by block, street by street.