Minimalistic Wooden Magnetic Picture Hanger

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This Wooden Hanger system is an elegant, minimal, quick, and easy way to hang artist prints, kid's artwork, essential images, and more without the hassle of framing! Strong magnets hold photos in place and release without damage for immediate release and change. Lightweight and easy to use, recommended for artist prints, as images are subject to elements like dust, moisture, or scratches. This product has a top and bottom bar and is recommended for larger prints to stabilize and control bends or warping. Each hanger is hand cut, sanded, assembled by hand, and made with stainable 3/4" raw pinewood with heavy-duty 3M magnetic discs and natural twine. Hanger How-too: • Separate Magnets • Place the backside of the hanger flat and place the print on the long edge of the trim. • Close magnetic strips and repeat for the bottom • Measure and nail • Release magnets to change out the print