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By Jeffrey Hogrefe

One of this century’s most beloved and celebrated artists, Georgia O’Keeffe transmitted her most intimate feelings onto her canvases. But the details of her private life were zealously guarded, leaving the world to wonder: What was the inspiration, and the impetus, for her sexually charged flower paintings? What was the nature of her relationship with her much older husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz? Why did she lie about her past and hide herself from her public?

Journalist and author Jeffrey Hogrefe discloses the answers to these questions and more in O’Keeffe, a richly detailed biography that illuminates much of the mystery and intrigue that surround Georgia O’Keeffe, and finally reveals the real woman behind the legend. Hogrefe’s encounter with the ninety-three-year-old artist and with Juan Hamilton, the young man she loved in her final years, provided him with unique insights into her private world, as well as into Hamilton’s own controversial relationship with O’Keeffe during the last fourteen years of her life.

Her acerbic personality, her unconventional lifestyle, and her struggles as an artist and a woman are brought to life in this definitive biography.