Reverie Earring - Minimal Drop Stud in Matte Agate and Gold

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About the Artist:

telle / of the Hills is a jewelry line handcrafted in the Appalachian mountains by Telle ter Horst. I found my way to jewelry in the early 2000s while working at a magical bead shop during college. There, I fell in love with the craft, and the stories and meanings behind the materials. Jewelry-making is considered one of humanity’s oldest art forms, and I like to imagine that I would’ve been doing something similar with my hands if I’d walked the earth long ago. of the Hills is an approximate translation of my Dutch surname. My grandfather, Jerald ter Horst, was a first-generation American who grew up in an immigrant family in Grand Rapids, MI. A witty journalist and a great supporter of the arts, he was and continues to be an inspiration to me. I’m inspired to create designs that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and evoke a sense of timelessness. I put a lot of care into the sourcing of materials and I do not knowingly support industries that are putting their workers and environments in harm’s way. I use vintage and deadstock materials where possible, source gemstones from companies who prioritize healthy relationships with the communities they buy from, and purchase recycled metals from trusted vendors. I am committed to minimizing the amount of waste produced from my own small process, and am proud to ship all of your lovely orders plastic-free.